Sunday, August 3, 2008


It's 11:47 pm in MA and I just remembered that I forgot to make my daily blog post!

So here it is! =)

I dont have much to talk about, but heres what I can say:

The key to a successful Etsy shop is ADVERTISING. With out advertising, no one will know about your shop! There are a few good ways to advertise your shop. Here are a couple:
-->Hang out in the forums + chat rooms on Etsy!
-->Make a treasury!
-->List as often as you can! If you dont have new items, then renew an item!
-->Find some websites that you can advertise on. Some examples are Majaba
(they get over 7,500 views a day!) or Lyn Lloyd Designs (she gets about 200-300 views a day!)

Well, those are my words of wisdom for today. I hope I helped someone out! =)

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Picture Frames and Sales

Last November I began making picture frames. I listed the two that I made on Etsy however they did not sell. Thats when I decided that making picture frames wasn't going to work. Then when I came back to Etsy and began selling graphics, I realized that the reason that my frames didnt sell is because I was not promoting my shop! So, I came to the conclusion that I am going to give it another go! I plan on opening up my new shop as soon as I can, I just need to go get some supplies. Dont worry though, Miracle Graphic Creations is not going anywhere!

Now for the second part of this post title; sales. I have sold 2 items in the past 2 days. I guess thats pretty good however I still get a little jealous when I see other graphic shops on Etsy selling several items a day, but can you blame me? I promote as much as I can, but I can't tell if it is paying off. I am currently advertising on Majaba and I dont think its helping that much. So I most likely wont pay $12 for another week. Dont get me wrong, Majaba is a great place to advertise on, it just didnt work for me.

Well, Im going to go promote some more! I'll post again tomorrow! =)


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Friday, August 1, 2008

Natasha Designs!

I recently purchased a custom pillow from NatashaDesigns and I received it today. I absolutely love it! I chose the colors that I wanted and I chose what I wanted written on the front. I decided to go with navy blue on the front and baby pink on the back. I then asked that my name be written on the navy side. NatashaDesigns was more than happy to fulfill my request! She immediately began working on my pillow, and as you can see in the picture above; the finished result is beautiful! This amazing shop offers pillows, baby blankets, jewelry + more! I highly recommend NatashaDesigns!

New graphics galore!

I listed 2 new graphic sets yesterday on Etsy. One is Floral Rust and the other is Ribbons of Polka Dots. I really like how the Ribbons of Polka Dots came out, I think that it will look really nice on someones storefront. As for the Floral Rust, it's not really my "cup of tea" but I hope that someone likes it. Feel free to check them out and heart them!

-->Miracle Graphic Creations

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm stuck, and I need YOUR help

I'm kind of stuck at the moment. I posted a thread on Etsy asking for criticism on my shop and the majority of the people that answered said that I need to give more style options. I can agree with that because I guess that I do only make graphics that I would like, and some people may not like what I like. But I'm still a little stuck because how am I supposed to know what others like? Thats where YOU come in! Comment this post and tell me what YOU like!

Within the last 2 day I have created two banner + avatar sets that arent "me". I personally wouldnt use them, so I guess I just want to see if others like them. The views have been about the same as my other sets, so I'm guessing that the designs cant be that bad.

Well, I'm gonna go check out some Etsy chats! Ill post again tomorrow! =)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Post =)

Hi! After talking to a few of my fellow Etsians I have decided to create a blog! So let me start off my introducing myself:

My name is Lindsay, I am 18 years old and I am the owner of
Miracle Graphic Creations
. Instead of going into great detail about myself, Im just going to suggest checking out my Etsy Profile if you would like to learn more about me.

As you have probably already determined by the name of my shop, I create graphics! In my shop you can find all of the graphics that you need for your Etsy shop. I also create blog banners, so
convo me if you are interested!