Sunday, August 3, 2008


It's 11:47 pm in MA and I just remembered that I forgot to make my daily blog post!

So here it is! =)

I dont have much to talk about, but heres what I can say:

The key to a successful Etsy shop is ADVERTISING. With out advertising, no one will know about your shop! There are a few good ways to advertise your shop. Here are a couple:
-->Hang out in the forums + chat rooms on Etsy!
-->Make a treasury!
-->List as often as you can! If you dont have new items, then renew an item!
-->Find some websites that you can advertise on. Some examples are Majaba
(they get over 7,500 views a day!) or Lyn Lloyd Designs (she gets about 200-300 views a day!)

Well, those are my words of wisdom for today. I hope I helped someone out! =)

-->Miracle Graphic Creations<--

Today's Etsy shop of the day!
-Lots of love for your little one!-


Anonymous said...

The ket to a successful Etsy shop is to be original and not steal other people's ideas and layouts. *wink*

Miracle Graphic Creations said...

Excuse me? What?